The Client’s View…Experiences of Sequoia Psychology

Clients responses and feedback 

As a Client of Vicki’s She Really Helped Me…
Working with Vicki to learn some of the ACT cognitive defusion strategies has really helped me. It took me a while to get the idea of ‘fusing’ with unhelpful thoughts, but once that clicked I could hear her voice in my head when things began to spiral down for me. I particularly liked the technique of imagining unhelpful thoughts as passing cars. I try to use this as one of my main strategies.”
A&E Consultant

Now I feel able to cope with anything that life throws at me…
“The service
 taught me life skills (life skills coaching) and since then, the difference to me and my life has been profound. Not just to me but also to everyone around me. I began by simply taking more care and pride in my appearance; I have just started a phased return to work (when I had previously felt was impossible); my marriage and extended family life has never been better; and BEST of all – I feel able to cope with anything that life throws at me.”  Forensic Unit Administrator

I Had Lost All Confidence In My Ability To Carry Out The Simplest Of Tasks…
I most definitely feel that this intervention has helped me in many ways… When Vicki and I first spoke my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I had lost all confidence in my ability to carry out the simplest of tasks.  Through the techniques (I am still learning/using) I began to understand that everything that had ‘gone wrong’ was not my fault. I have learned to accept myself for who I am, and that I cannot change the behaviour of others.  
I would not have been able to contemplate or achieve a return to work without the support from Vicki.  Although, a lot of the challenges remain at work, I am trying my best to apply techniques I have been given to cope/manage better.  If I have had a demanding day I read over all the information Vicki provided me with – My Survival Bible, as I call it”. Transport Officer