Long-Term Condition & Pain Management Service

Sequoia Psychology pain management service provides an alternative approach.  Implementing a unique integration of health psychology, acceptance and mindfulness processes to help you build a life that is fulfilling, despite experiencing pain and/or having a long-term health condition. 

A long-term physical health condition like a chronic illness, or even disability – can take over your life.  Battling with the effects of the condition can consume your time and energy, which can get in the way of the things you do, and of the things you were going to do. 

This service will help you to manage your pain more effectively, at the same time as improving your psychological well-being. The overall aim is to improve participation in daily activities and enhance quality of life for those with persistent pain and disability.

You will learn a variety of techniques directly and indirectly producing behaviour change, including methods based on cognitive and behavioural therapy.

Intervention Example

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