Stress Management Service for Parents

Step away from parental battles…

Parents, take a second to think about how you treat yourself when you make a mistake or do not reach a goal as a parent.  Like most, you may tend to beat yourself up when things go wrong, which may lead to feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  You, like most people, could use a little more kindness and self-compassion in your life.  

Learn to grow life skills and change parental stress for the better!  Grow skills
Being a parent/guardian is certainly one of the toughest jobs an adult will do.  All children can misbehave for many reasons.

Its a child’s job to seek more of your attention, but parents unprepared for this may become overwhelmed by feelings of stress and failings.

Sequoia Psychology Stress Management for Parents Can Help! 
Our parenting service provides a unique 6-week skills-based stress management programme, specifically targeted at parents of children aged 2-10 years (You may have concerns with older children, teenagers, so please do contact us to see if we can help). 

Our courses are lead by Dr. Victoria Parlane who has fifteen years practitioner experience both in the UK and Internationally. She has been trained in the Award-winning Webster-Stratton Incredible Years Parenting, which is based on thirty years of research. 

Our programme incorporates:

  • A combination of acceptance, mindfulness and health psychology behaviour change techniques to help you manages emotions and build or rebuild a fulfilling and fun relationship with your child. 
  • Evidence-based practices that reduce stress for you and help you to promote your child’s social competence, emotional regulation and problem solving skills.

When and Where?
The programme consists of one session per week for 6 weeks. Sessions are usually two-and-a-half hours long, however, the session can be tailored to meet your duration requirements, with longer sessions available, 1-2-1 or group sessions.

Similar to other Sequoia Services, sessions can be via phone or Skype-based, people usually prefer the flexibility and convenience. However, to really get the most of out of the sessions, face-to-face meetings are usually preferable. Group sessions are delivered face-to-face due to the interactive nature of the work. 

Do you live in the North Shropshire area?
Workshop locations in North Shropshire are to be announced, contact us to register your interest. 

Not based in North Shropshire?  Happy Girl
Contact us to see how we can help in your local area!

What are the costs?

  • Ask yourself, what have been the costs already…stress, upset, battles…etc
  • If I continue without support from Sequoia Parenting Service, what are the further costs to my family and me?  
  • How much would it mean to minimise stress levels and enhance optimistic relationships with my family?
  • Total workshop costs are £120 per person, which includes: 
    • Hours of expert practitioner knowledge 
    • All workshop material 
    • Skills for Life! 

How the Course Works 

Week One: Approach stress in a different way

  • Understanding stress and its relationship with behaviour change, lifestyle choices and illness
  • Identifying coping strategies that are more harmful than helpful
  • Introduction to parenting behaviour that nurtures resilience in children
  • Introduce the psychological flexibility model to decrease squabbles and grow together as a family
  • Value-based exercise and set meaningful goals and expectations

Week Two: Working with Unhelpful Thoughts and Feelings 

  • Identify child’s behaviour that creates problems and learn how to work with unhelpful thoughts and feelings. This will reduce the impact and influence negative thoughts and emotions can have on you as a parent
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to enable you to be present rather than worry about past and future events
  • Acquire skills to enable you to make room for difficult emotions rather than constantly distract or avoid them

Week Three: Importance of Play, Praise and Positive Rewards 

  • Learn the importance of play to enhance the relationship between parent and child
  • Acquire knowledge of the child/parent game – by learning to play and take your child’s lead, in just 10-minutes per day this attention to play can help build self-worth, confidence, vocabulary and social skills in your child 
  • Gain skills to increase the positive behaviours in your child through kind and compassionate praise 
  • Learn how to show self-praise; be kind and compassionate to yourself!

Week Four: Effective Communication Skills – Set Limits and Boundaries 

  • Learn how to communicate better with your child using clear, concise instructions
  • Help you child to understand expectations and consequences

Week Five:  Handling Misbehaviour and Managing Destructive Behaviour 

  • Learn skills and techniques to reduce child’s inappropriate behaviour, such as, whining, nagging, asking repetitive questions, moaning, screaming, etc.
  • Obtain skills required to remain calm to handle misbehaviour   
  • Learn an alternative strategy to physical punishment for the management of harmful inappropriate behaviour

Week Six: Keep Well Plan & Maintaining Skills for the Future 

  • Review skills and strategies covered
  • Problem solve any difficulties with new skills
  • Obtain reflective tools to maintain skills for life 

Please Contact Us to discuss whether this programme might be right for you.