The Inspiration Behind the Sequoia Psychology Name…

The Giant Sequoia tree is the inspiration behind

our service name and working ethos.

Sequoia (pronounced Se-coy-uh) 
These remarkable species of tree are resilient to nature’s many challenges. They continue to flourish and grow to an impressive height despite such challenges…They endure.

For us at Sequoia Psychology they are an analogy, a metaphor and the inspiration for what we can accomplish together, for the result we can achieve, for how we together can soar.

The Sequoia tree symbolises our approach to working with you.

  • To rise above fear, self-doubts and worry, for health behaviour change to help become the ideal you. 
  • To cultivate mindful health and well-being and self-acceptance.

At Sequoia Psychology, despite the stress and challenges you may face, we can work as a team and enable you to create a meaningful life.