Wedding Stress Management – ACT with Love

Have you got the wedding dress stress? 

Being nervous is a normal response when getting married, but for some, wedding stress can become a significant problem that can have a negative impact on the individual and their families.

A few noted comments…

  •  “I tried to please everyone, I got so stressed with my family telling me what to do, we argued, it caused tension, even on the wedding day”
  • “I wanted to look perfect, so I didn’t eat that much for a while…I was so ill on my wedding day”
  • “I’m getting married, I’m so happy but I’m so overwhelmed with everything, I can’t cope”

Based on what brides, grooms and their families were saying they needed, I combined my practitioner skills and my love of weddings to develop a workable intervention.

This brief intervention is also helpful for wedding planners wanting to add psychological skills to their repertoire of expertise.

There are thousands of helpful online articles and apps to help wedding planning go smoothly.  Most are helpful as they describe ‘what’ you need to do e.g relax, stay calm.  However, they do not necessarily teach the ‘how to’ skills, to enable you to effectively manage unhelpful stressful thoughts and emotions.  This is where the brief intervention works for most.

Topics covered include:  

  • Noticing sources of stress and how to act before it escalates
  • Setting meaningful goals and achieving them
  • Increase confidence by accepting who you are, letting go of unhelpful thoughts
  • Managing wedding pressures for it ‘all to be perfect’
  • Develop mindfulness skills to focus on the present rather than worrying about unhelpful things
  • Values-based work – keeping focused on what really matters
  • How to manage wedding party disagreements
  • Family dynamics – Communicating your needs to loved ones, being assertive rather than reactive
  • Self-Monitoring for effective health and well-being
  • Additional Skills for Life!  Keep harmony in your marriage – ACT with love! 

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